Dueling Decades
Dueling Decades

Episode 49 · 2 years ago

There is No Easy Way Out for Special Guest Judge Robert Tepper! It's all about Sports Movies 1981 vs 1993


This week Duelers, we have a very special show for you as rock legend Robert Tepper joins the show as a guest judge! Marc and The Mancrush battle once again over the championship. Marc James comes ready to fight with the Sports Movies of 1993 to try to overtake Mancrush and the Sports Movies of 1981! Who will win? Will we have a new champion? Only one way to find out! Listen to this great new episode of everyone's favorite Adult Audio Retro Gameshow - Dueling Decades!

Buy a copy of Robert Tepper’s NEW album “Better Than The Rest” at http://www.roberttepperworld.com

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