Dueling Decades
Dueling Decades

Episode 81 · 1 year ago

Star of Police Academy & Master of sounds, Michael Winslow guest judges this battle between 1974, 1984 & 1994!


Dueling Decades returns with another nostalgic clash!  Legendary comedic actor Michael Winslow steps behind the bench to judge this fantastic episode you have to hear to believe!  Marc James is bad company as he brings the best of June of 1974.  This week Mancrush goes crazy with June of 1984!  The host of the Miscast Commentary Podcast, Joe Findlay returns to the show with June of 1994, brother!  

Micheal sounds off about his great film career, from working with Mel Brooks to Rowdy Roddy Piper.  We get the inside scoop on the making of Gremlins and hear what it was like voicing one of the iconic characters.  Joe tells us how long it took to download an Aerosmith song in 1994. Mancrush finds genes from extinct animals as Marc James uncovers the birth of the Seahawks.   Michael tells us how he landed the role of Jones in Police Acadamy and if Rick Moranis is really as cool as everyone says!  Mancrush makes us wonder what happens when you leave Gizmo out in the Purple Rain. Marc James takes a trip to Chinatown and The Juice is loose!   We have a little bit of everything in this one and you never know who is going to show up!  Michael invites some friends over to help him with his judgments.  Red Fox, Pat Morita, Hulk Hogan, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, and even his old friends Cheech and Chong make a joint appearance on this one.  We explore the longevity of music and the reality of reaction videos and was Chuck Norris really supposed to be in The Karate Kid?  Do you agree with Michael’s rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!  

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