Dueling Decades
Dueling Decades

Episode · 10 months ago

Have you seen this man? It's the battle of December between 1978, 1982 & 1990!


Our buddy David Schultz is back this week to adjudicate this retro battle of the ages! Better yet, we should go by his new moniker The Honorable Dr. David Schultz, my apologies! This week "The Professor" Drew Zakmin is back, and he gets all nostalgic about his selections from December of 1990. Next up, Marc James is smack dab in the middle of this retro assault with the very best of December 1982 he could whip up. Looking to get back in the win column after a few down weeks, Mancrush hopes to come out victorious with his birth year, bringing the best of December 1978!

The Honorable Dr. David Schultz hasn't been on in a few months, but the fellas pick right back up where they left off with him over the summer. Hopefully, no one brought any wrestling, we all know how Dr. Schultz feels about the squared circle! There may be no wrestling, but you might expect to hear something about laser phalluses, history on fire, the end of a show Chris Barron never heard of, a mad scientist kills a dentist, The Dating Game needs background checks, a product so hot it killed an industry, Drew looks for pixelated female body parts, shareware, things that make you go hmm, Marc blowed em up, questions about your dad's occupation, Meskimen was wrong, Brando cashes in, Henson frightens Dr. Schultz, waking up in room 1515, coke battles with DLR, Dave likes pictures of Dio, and do you know James Shelton?!

Do you agree with Dr. David Schultz's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!

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