Dueling Decades
Dueling Decades

Episode 83 · 1 year ago

RJ City is back for round two of this showdown between the last week of June 1978, 1988 & 1998!


A few weeks back we had professional Wrestler RJ City on the show as guest judge and he dazzled us with his knowledge behind the bench. However, being that the episode was all about wrestling, he felt typecast! In spite of that, we invited him back to judge the "week experience", and he didn't disappoint! Our old friend Beau Becraft is back, and he brought the best of the last week of June 1998 to the party. After a week off from competition, Marc James is back in the fold, and he's got a first-rate week from the end of June 1988. Their final opponent is a man that's been left off the victor's stand for nearly a month, Mancrush looks to finally get off the schneid with the finest he can muster with the last week of June 1978. Will this one be close, or will we see a landslide? 

RJ starts the episode off with a special message for our oldest fan, David Moble. Davy boy has been singing our praises for years, and we wanted to share with him how much his loyalty means to us. From there, the competition is as stiff as a lariat from Big Van Vader! In this episode, you might find sexual swing music, the end of prank phone calls, some guy named Coper, sweaty nether regions, Moble's preferred operating system, JLo in a trunk, Hugh Hefner has an auction, Eddie Murphy's extended Universe, potential spoilers from a 1978 classic, an homage to Ben Vereen, hot foreign music, ways to ruin a classic film, immovable rubber toys, men's fashion, smelly math teachers, and how is Beau connected to RJ City's first sexual conquest? All this and more on this episode of Dueling Decades! 

Do you agree with RJ's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard! Please don't forget to subscribe and review! Want to share some of your own 1980s & 1990s memories? Join the other thousands of people in our Facebook group and get more original nostalgic content every day! If you're into the 1960s & 1970s, join our new group! Links below: 







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