Immortal Samm Levine passes judgment on us Freaks & Geeks in this duel between September 1978, 1983 & 1998!


The guys are huge fans of the ill-fated cult classic television show, Freaks and Geeks. So when they got the opportunity to speak with Samm Levine about his new movie Immortal, they jumped at the chance! Whether you know Samm from Freaks and Geeks, Inglorious Bastards, or from the Doug Loves Movies podcast, you know he's a funny and knowledgable dude. Perfect celebrity guest judge material and Samm sure didn't disappoint when the gavel was in hand! This time though, the guys are flipping the script, because this is a "worst of" episode of Dueling Decades. So which one of these gents did it worse? First up, Drew Zakmin is back and he's loaded with a turd sandwich from September of 1998! After a big win last week, Mancrush looks to make it two in a row with a fistful of trash from September of 1983. Rounding out the competition, Marc James looks to get into the win column with a seriously sad September 1978 that almost made Samm cry!

Sit down, relax, and listen to all the hijinx this terrible episode has to offer! Samm Levine was primed and ready to release the kraken on these guys and their offerings. So in this episode you might find out that Samm doesn't want anyone suing the Stranger Things guys, a video game that gets Mr. Levine really upset, Zakmin was exposed to erotic flute playing in Greece as a child, a 445-page dossier about cigar smokers, the drummer that should have been in the Bill and Ted movie, a generational talent mistakingly puts his hands in the wrong man's behind, Blanche gets hitched to Jack Flack, no one cares about Benben, a pompous panther turns into a slithery snake to fight crime, Marc played games with himself, Freaks and Geeks, Kenny Omega vs a grown man who sleeps in a car bed, post-apocalyptic dry cleaners, the Noxzema girl has the strength of twelve men, Smurf snow comes to the cinema, kissing with and without makeup on, Samm stars in the new movie Immortal out on VOD today, and use a freakin coaster!

Do you agree with Samm's rulings? Play at home and judge for yourself! While you're at it, send your rulings to our Facebook and pick up 20 points on the Dueling Decades Leaderboard!

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Episode 9 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - September 1980 vs September 1990
Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades! This week’s match up sees the return of “The Mamalukes” The Team of Rick Mancrush and Marc James as they defend September of 1980! Armed with September of 1990 for this episode is the team of “Beau Joe Nixon” made up of Beau Becraft and Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast. Judge Jon Cross is in rare form this week as he lays down his own brand of retro fanboy justice that you must hear to believe! Or dont! You be the only kid on your block that does not listen to Dueling Decades…C’mon, I dare you! Subscribe for more Dueling Decades action delivered to you! Now twice a month!

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Episode 8 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - August 1988 vs August 1997
Yo, Fellow Poopers, Mount up! We are rollin’ Straight Outta Poop Culture and It's time once again for the nostalgic madness called Dueling Decades!

On this episode we see the teams get a bit of a switch up when Rick Mancrush teams with Beau Becraft to pitch for the 1990’s and Marc James and Carlos from Be Kind and Rewind Podcast take the 1980’s.

Its August 1988 vs August 1997 for this one and will the mix up help team 1990s? Or will the 1980s once again prevail? Roll up some air bud and enjoy this weeks retro slugfest! Judge "Creed" Jon Cross holds down the chaos once again as well as injecting some of his own!! Once again this Episode of Dueling Decades does not disappoint! Sit back and relax to the riotous retro game that you can also play along at home!

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Episode 7 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - July 1981 vs December 1993
Once again It's the return of everyone's favorite game show! Infirmary Media presents, Dueling Decades - July 1981 VS December 1993!

This week on the show The Team of Marc and the Mancrush reunite as the“The Mamalukes” to take on the deadly combo of “Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man” made up of Beau Becraft and his partner Mike Ranger! Once again the Honorable Jon Cross creator and host of “The After Movie Diner “ presides over this retro rampage to deliver a verdict you will want to hear to believe! Hear the teams debate as they pick the best from their respective months using the Dueling Decades five categories. Movies, Television, Music, Hot Products and News! Play along at home and let know what your verdict was on Twitter, Facebook, by calling us at 914-505-7667 or you can just yell it down the street like Rocky!

Episode 6 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - June 1988 vs June 1998
It's the return of everyone's favorite guilty pleasure game show, Dueling Decades - June 1988 vs June 1998!!!

This week we shuffle up the teams a bit and the result you will have to hear - to believe. This one was a battle for the ages, literally! Rick Mancrush forms the Mega Powers with new teammate Mike Ranger and take on Beau Becraft and Nate from The Selling Out Podcast and they come up with one of the best team names we have had thus far on the show!

The Honorable Jon Cross dawns the gavel and wig to hold order for this one! What were the top moments from June of 88 & 98? What were your favorite memories of that time? Listen as our two teams of time fighters slug it out using the patented Poop Culture Pentagon of Contention Categories! Of course those are - Movies, Television, Music, Hot Products and News. Did you agree with the outcome or do you call shenanigans!

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