It's a Dueling Decades retro throwback with one of our favorite guests of all time, Daniel Baldwin!


As a lot of our loyal fans are aware, for a long time we used to have another show called Poop Culture. When we folded the show to go fulltime with Dueling Decades, we left behind a lot of really great interviews! Well, since we're on a vacation week, we decided to release some of these old "fireside" chats with various guests. This episode was really a surprise to us because it occurred only 29 episodes into that show. That night, we were all prepared to have a special effects artist on the show, and we were all ready to rock. Two hours prior to showtime, we got a call from his agent that he had an emergency and had to back out of the show. That same agent said, "if you want, I could call Daniel Baldwin if you're interested". Well, the rest was history! 

Daniel Baldwin is a fantastic talker and storyteller! Listen to Mancrush and former co-host Jay Biglove chat it up with Mr. Baldwin, you won't be disappointed. Danny talks to us about growing up Baldwin and being one of the famous Baldwin brothers. He talks about terrorizing his sister’s boyfriends and even sings us a tune that is shockingly impressive. Dan also discusses Celebrity Big Brother, reality TV, and we brainstorm our own celebrity beatdown challenge. We also get some behind the scenes info on Celebrity Rehab, John Carpenter, Homicide: Life on the streets. Last but not least, Dan talks about directing his award-winning movie “The Wisdom to Know the Difference”. And, did I mention that Daniel Baldwin is a fantastic storyteller? See for yourself!

Enjoy this walk down memory lane from over four years ago! Hit us up on social media and let us know what you think. What I think is, Danny needs to come back and be a judge on the show!

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Episode 3 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - March 1989 vs March 1999
It’s time for a blast from the past on this week’s episode of The Poop Culture Podcast. On this very episode it's the Dueling Decades III ! This time the Mamalukes comprised of Rick Mancrush & Marc James put their undefeated record to the test! Up against the team of Hasselhoff's Heros -
Shawbag6 and Joe Findlay Host of the Miscast Commentary Podcast, and they take the 1980’s for a change of pace. Will the best of March 1989 have the fire power to topple the champs and March of 1999?
First off, Joe wants to apply for the 4th co-host job here on the show. So of course we give him the good ‘ole Poop Culture interview! We touch on Rush, God, #TeamPoutine, Cannon Films and Mr. Excitement himself, John Cusack. Then we get right to the action with 1989 vs 1999. Who will win? Will we see another controversial ending? Listen in to this great episode of the Poop Culture Podcast to find out! Our show this week is brought to you by our friends at Boss Bidet and Sudio!

Episode 2 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - Feb 1986 vs Feb 1996
It's that time of the month, Fellow Poopers! Time to go back to the 1990’s Cyber Cafe for totally awesome Dueling Decades! Featuring special guest for this episode, Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast! Carlos will be teaming up with Shawbag6 to take February of 1996 into battle against February 1986 - wielded by Rick Mancrush and Marc James. We slug it out over five categories, News, Music, Movies, TV and Hot Products! Right out of the gate the shenanigans begin with this one and they don't let up until the dramatic finish! Stay tuned to find out how YOU can help determine this week's winner! You are not going to miss a single second of this slammin’ retro episode! Have a better pick? Got a comment? Give us a shout on the Poop Line - 914-505-7667! This episode brought to you by our friends at and

Episode 1 · 2 years ago

Dueling Decades - Jan 1984 vs Jan 1994
This week the Poop Culture crew put it all on the line in their new segment - Dueling Decades! Beau Becraft from the Beaucephus Broadcast joins us once again for another asstastic episode and joins up with Shawbag6 to take on the team of Marc and The Mancrush in a battle pitting January of 1984 vs January of 1994! You won't believe what the guys wager on this contest and find out how you can help pick a winner! Each time fire out its “Best Of…” for January of their year in 1 of 5 categories Movies, Music, TV, News, and Hot Products! The King of “Poop” Michael Jackson vs The Meat Puppets, who the hell picked this one anyway? We only want to know one thing? Where is the Beef? For some reason Mancrush thinks only HIS cabbage patch kid was named Xavier. You'll have to listen in to get all the details! Brought to you this week by Bio Bidet and!