Dueling Decades
Dueling Decades

Episode 97 · 1 year ago

Another retro sit-down with the man who isn't even supposed to be here today, Brian O'Halloran


Thanks for all the messages about last week's retro throwback episode! There is nothing like reliving the past with a little fireside chat. We know you want some more Dueling Decades, but we're still on vacation. Don't worry though, we're going back in time once again! This week we get to rehash an epic conversation we had with Brian O'Halloran! It's funny to listen back to an episode that we did three short years ago. So much has changed since then, and we got to hang out with Brian a few months after this interview, and he's as cool as expected. Great guy and I hope we can get him back on Dueling Decades one day as a judge!

In this retro sitdown, the decadent boys of the stall delve deep into Brian O'Halloran! You may know Brian as Dante from Clerks, and 37 other Hicks characters from the View Askew universe! The boys and Brian talk about his love for the Rangers, what life is like for a Jets fan, the worst job he ever had, Clerks, the party life of convention stars, and even how to deposit a check for .06 cents. Brian weighs in on the ill-fated Clerks cartoon, Clerks 3, the Jay and Silent Bob reboot & Mall Brats. Mr. O'Halloran becomes the first guest to ever check in on Shawbag, as his bizarre silence was staring to freak everyone out. And who the hell is Rick Mancrush?! Check this one out, there is a lot of goodies inside.

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