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Episode 59 · 9 months ago

It's the weak experience, but who had the strongest week, January 1989 or January 1997?

Dueling Decades returns with an all new Week Experience duel or should we call this one the Weak Experience? Returning champion Mancrush is back dueling with January 1989 as he defends his belt against Drew Zackmin from The One Headlight 90’s Podcast. Drew gears up with January 1997 as he tires to topple the champ. Marc James steps behind the bench for this cant miss, totally tubular episode of everyone's favorite adult audio retro game show, Dueling Decades!

Episode 58 · 9 months ago

Will 1981 be the King of Kong or will 1998 win in this science duel?
Take out your Pocket Protectors and spark up that Bunsen burner because this week Dueling Decades has a sensational science duel! Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast returns to the show armed with 1981 and ready to take on Marc James and the science of 1998! Loyal listener and trivia leaderboard mainstay Erik Cluley returns to man the gavel and judge this epic matchup! Will Marc James be able to keep the winning streak alive and be in line for a title shot? Only one way to find out! Listen, subscribe & play along at home because its your history, we just fight for it!

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Episode 57 · 9 months ago

It's the end of the decade and 1999 takes on 1982 in a Week Experience duel!
Dueling Decades ends the decade with a December Week Experience duel. Julie from the Flickers From the Cave Podcast makes her return to the show battling with 1982 to take on Marc James and 1999! Will the Week Experience prove to be the weak experience once again for our competitors or will the years finish strong. Mancrush takes up the gavel for this one as he serves as judge and lays down his own unique brand of justice, just like Walker!
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Episode 56 · 9 months ago

It's pop-culture presents for everyone when December 1994 takes on December of 1987
It’s a December to remember as 1987 and the Mamalukes (Marc James and Mancrush) take on the team of 51 Headlights! Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast joins forces with Drew Zackmin from The One Headlight 90’s Podcast as they represent the best of December 1994! The brasin badass from beantown is back as judge when Dave Schultz returns to the show to lay down his supple brand of juicy justice.

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